Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder that affects 15% of the general population, 50% of individuals with reading and learning difficulties, and 30% of people with ADHD and autism. Irlen Syndrome has also been linked to traumatic brain injury in athletes and others.

Irlen Syndrome symptoms may include light sensitivity, particularly bright or fluorescent lighting, headaches or migraines, eye strain, distorted text or environment, and difficulty or discomfort reading. These symptoms are frequently misdiagnosed as ADHD and other afflictions, some involving medication. However, early and prompt identification can prevent a lifetime of academic struggles that can lead to school failure, damage to self-esteem, and unrealised potential. Although it is hereditary, it may be acquired, and many football players and professional athletes have found Irlen’s non-invasive solutions relieve their symptoms.

Some nutritional supplementation may help some of these symptoms.

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