Vitamin D

An article caught my eye in one of the pharmacy journals. 

“Millions of dollars wasted on Vitamin D supplements”

In the study, the authors said that the high levels of spending on vitamin D supplements were “concerning” given that the vitamin could be obtained from alternative sources such as sunlight and food.” 

My argument:

– Only a small amount gets absorbed from food, the form in the food is Vitamin D2, not D3. Vitamin D2 is NOT an active form. 

– In summer, about 21% of Queenslanders are still Vitamin D deficient and they spent over 7 hours in the sun, according to a study. 

– Once the skin absorbs vitamin D, it still needs to be transported into the liver and kidney before it becomes the active form. Have they considered the patient’s kidney and liver status?

– And what about the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) in Vitamin D? SNPs in layman’s term is gene mutation. We all have certain SNPs. Sometimes it works to our advantage, but sometimes not. If patient has the particular SNPs, they’re not efficient in converting Vitamin D from the sun. I don’t think the authors have taken that into consideration. 

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