It’s not surprising that the past weeks my dreams were about work. I guess the only positive is, I’m getting longer REM sleep as indicated by my @ouraring 

Easter Friday and today have been great, as I feel like I could unplug myself from the COVID-19 stats/ info and the constant weekly changes on government regulations for health/pharmaceutical provision. It’s paramount that we keep up to date, but the amount of information is enough to make my colleagues and I dizzy! 

So I’m taking this precious weekend and time in isolation (when not working) to be more reflective and work on some challenges that I’ve put off. I’m sure I’m the only person, right? 

If I’m brutally honest with myself, I’ve been great at making valid and great excuses to work on daily so called urgent matters so as to avoid the ones that are truly important. The latter are generally pain staking tasks, challenging and requires a lot more brain power to work on.
But I’m not going to let myself get away lightly this time. 

What are your pain staking tasks or challenges? 

Are you going to face them? 

Why are you holding yourself back? 

What are you resisting?