What is “Leaky gut”? This is known by the scientific term “increased gut permeability”

Can you measure gut permeability? 🧐YES, this is usually ordered by an integrative healthcare practitioner. 

Either faecal or serum zonulin (a protein which regulates the mucosal permeability). 

As far as I know, some studies show conflicting results, but nevertheless when used in conjunction with other markers, in my experience, it could be quite useful. 

Do you need to test? This is a question that you need to discuss with your practitioner. 

The gut lining is pretty amazing when you think about it. The integrity of the lining 

barrier is maintained by ONE SINGLE layer of tightly fitted cells!!! Think of it like bricks and cement.  

So, when this layer of cells is compromised which could be due to a number of factors, e.g., inflammation, imbalance, food allergies and immune system dysregulation, they could all lead to increased gut permeability or leaky gut. 


Sorry to disappoint but there’s no blanket approach. 

Firstly – I would address the gut lining to support and heal. There’re lots of products out there, it’s about choosing the right product FOR YOU. 

In my experience, I’ve never found ONE product that suits EVERYONE. 

Probiotics – could be quite helpful and they’re strain specific. They can interact with the immune system to achieve its protective and therapeutic effects. The integrity of the intestinal cell layer can be preserved or restored that way. 

Digestive enzymes may be helpful too, depending on the gut symptoms. If you have gastric ulcers, make sure that you check that the product is suitable for you. 


When you’re highly stressed, this could be: environmental, physical or emotional, you could have some dysregulation which could cause an increased gut permeability. 

This is known as the gut-brain connection. E.g., when you’re nervous, you get the runs.