Bisphenol A – BPA

BPA (bisphenol A) is regarded as an endocrine disruptor, in other words it can stuff up your hormones. 

For those of you who requires want more info, here it is…

This paper ( ) implies that exposure to BPA (bisphenol A) can alter estrogen metabolism pretty significantly.  The paper goes on to show that BPA increases 4-hydroxy estrogens, which is the most genotoxic of estrogen metabolites.  

Interestingly, this study found estrogen (Estrone and Estradiol) was higher in men and women exposed to high levels of BPA, but they went on to show that higher percentages of Estrone and Estradiol were metabolized to 4-hydroxy estrogens and less to the more protective 2-hydroxy estrogens.  

Exposure to a xenoestrogen (BPA), higher levels of  E2 and more 4-hydroxy estrogens is a bad mix for cancer risks.  But wait, they only found BPA in 97.3% of those they tested! 2.7% of us are just fine!  Actually, in all seriousness, the levels in the “high BPA” group were 10 times higher than the “low BPA” group.  That is a lot of BPA. The average American (from a 2003-2004 study) showed levels of BPA right in between these two groups, so it is a concern.  Higher levels are found in those who develop cardiovascular disease, diabetes and liver enzyme abnormalities. 

This is one solution, by recycling your glass jars and using them for storing your food.

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